Starting in 2022 Ed Bargy Racing LLC will be offering two forms of training, to learn the proper advanced track riding techniques.

The first is the standard “Ed Bargy Racing School.”
This is the full school with race certification for the graduates. These will be co-hosted with local Track day/test & tune day promotors. Pre-registration for the standard school will be on-line below

The second is an “Advanced Riding Techniques Workshop.”
These will be “ non-race certifying” classes. They will concentrate totally on the in-depth training for all of the high-performance riding/racing techniques. Plenty of time for Q&As. These are suited to both currently race licensed riders and even riders not wishing to go racing but, want to learn all the advanced techniques. Some of the topics, but not limited to, are, Aggressive front braking, Trail Braking (Why, How & When it is effective) , alternate & advance race lines, handlebar feedback, improving entry speed, the science of body position (Why, What BP actually does, How & When it is effective), avoiding target fixation and crash avoidance, the science of balance & steering, proper gear selection for best performance, aggressive throttle control. Attendees receive a copy of my book “Encyclopedia of high Performance Motorcycle Riding Techniques”

These workshops will be co-hosted with AHRMA “Track days.” Registration for the workshops will be with AHRMA and Motorsports Registration. Links for Workshop registration are below.