Encyclopedia of High Performance Motorcycle Riding Techniques

This is the replacement book for the original "Introduction to Motorcycle Road Racing".

This is a complete study, in all of the advanced high performance riding techniques used today. Plenty of color diagrams to help the reader more clearly visualize the concepts presented.  The "True Science" behind these topics are discussed, in simple, layman's language.

Here's a list of some of the chapters in the book 

  • Theory of road racing
  • Getting away with it
  • Three maxims
  • Walking the track
  • Basic race lines
  • Advanced & alternate lines
  • Lines for different turn types
  • Alternate lines for a bowl turn
  • Complex turns
  • Lines related to shapes
  • Overall gearing, gear ratio chart, chain bind vs. Sprocket sizes,
  • Shifting
  • Crash avoidance
  • Theory of steering
  • Principles of balance
  • Push-pull steering technique
  • The problem with panic
  • Throttle control
  • Aggressive braking techniques, trail braking
  • The effects of weight transfer from braking
  • Lean angle & center of gravity vs. Cornering forces
  • Four rules of motorcycle cornering forces
  • Fundamentals of aggressive body position & cg
  • Insights and dynamics of peg weighting
  • The actual history of body position evolution
  • Passing
  • Drafting
  • False neutrals
  • How far to look down-track
  • Front-end push

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