Daniel Bocook 08/03/2023 I want to thank you Ed Bargy! Your class has given me the skills to succeed. You and your coaches taught me more than 1000 track days. I now hold 2nd in PPIC for this season and I attribute that to you and your coaches! 

 Ed, thanks to you I dropped 10 seconds in one day at Tally. Reference points, reference points, reference points. Thank you. Will be attending your school again next year. 

Randall H.

 I’ve raced on and off the last 20 years. Took his race school at Roebling recently with a couple of friends just starting out. Ed is the best no nonsense school out there, and I’ve done several others over the years. He Covers all the bases, debunks some common myths, and does it all with a great sense of humor. Can’t recommend him enough!!! James T, 12/17/22 

 James M. 10/2/21 I learned more today about road racing than 40 years of motorcycle riding. The class instruction transferred to the track on the same day! 

 Ed Bargy Racing is a Mega Road Racing School to have experienced! A vast amount of knowledge is spewed throughout this entire course. School is what you make it indeed. Show up as an empty vessel, with a positive attitude, ready to acquire another asset! As in my experience, there wasn't a single explanation that I personally disagreed with. The physics were laid out in a cutting way. Truth is what I prefer, as that is what will keep me alive. Though I embrace the Apex, and Revel in the crashes, the damage is irreversible. Seeing Ed in action was a phenomenon! Timing is key! I won't expel all the secrets, but there is such a thing as Race Track Literacy. Life is about experiences, and what you think you know, you may not. Today is Another Opportunity to capitalize on an experience -TESTIMONY KING 

 Kevin Greimel 2022 What an amazing year for racing! Some goals accomplished some not but overall, just fantastic! This year I wanted to gain knowledge and improve my craft. Early on I hit the Ed Bargy school to forward this goal. Gained a new perspective on racing and learned a bunch of race theory. I am a better rider for it and Cannot thank him and Jamie Patrick Starace enough. 

Kevin Greimel

 Ben J. 10/2/21 Tons of information. The steering lessons were very helpful. 

 Randy R. 10/2/21 This has been a wonderful experience. Ed is very knowledgeable and shares many good times. AWESOME! 

 Hi Ed, I just took you class at Jennings a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know yesterday we had a member day at Nola and I was working on the push pull method as well as shift markers and rev matching. I was faster and more consistent than I have ever been. I reduced my lap times by 14 seconds setting a personal best. So I just wanted to say Thank you again. 

Chuck C

 Great instruction. Built confidence in my skills and abilities. Gained a greater understanding of the intricate operation of motorcycle handling. Better understanding of how to "read the track". 

David N.B.
previous graduate

 This is one of the best schools I've ever taken and I've taken a few. Ed, you have a unique ability to explain things. Loved the explanations about * gearing and ratios, * when you know you can go faster, * why do a track walk * etc. 

Ananth S .

 Excellent read from an icon of the sport...Ed you didn't set the bar...you helped install it...Your contribution to our beautiful sport is priceless and I thank you for going out of your way to point out what alot of us are thinking 

C.J. C.

 May 20th 2011 Race school at JGP. I just wanted to thank you and your no BS approach on what is really important, while coming up into full racer mode. I learned a lot and I am very thank full for everything. Just wish my foot was up to the task for the sprint races on Sunday. But it's sometimes better safe then sorry. I did in like doing the HW solo 20 and look forward to seeing you a lot more. Thanks again Scott F. 

Scott F.

 This is an excellent school and a great instructor. I would recommend to anybody. Ed teaches tons of technique that will definitely help you. 

Alberto Z.

 I took the school on July 9, 2011. I arrived at the trackaround 7:00 A.M and checked in. At exactly 8:00 A.M, we went on the track for a track walk, to familiarize ourselves with the track. At this point, Mr. Bargy taught us skills on how to analyze every track, not just Jennings GP. From there we went on to the classroom, and we had alternating classroom and track time, where we practiced what we learned in the class on the track. The class was extremely beneficial. I recently started doing trackdays, and wanted to learn the proper skills for trackdays and race days. I have to say, learned A LOT. I actually felt a lot more confident, and felt my lap times improve. By the end of the day; I had learned and gained so much confidence, it was unbelievable. The class is definitely worth every penny. One key advise for this class is BE ON TIME. There is so much information, that there is no time to waste. I also have to say that Ed Bargy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He truly cares about his students, and is a great teacher. I had a long conversation with him after our class, and he really gave me some valuable advice. I feel very privileged to have taken his class. Thanks 

Mohamad Z.

 Duluth City Police Duluth GA February 25, 1997 To Whom It May Concern: I had the pleasure of attending Ed Bargy’s Advanced Motorcycle Racing School last summer in Pooler, Georgia. The Duluth Police Department established a motorcycle unit last June. As usual, I chose to break away from the traditional Harley Davidson police motorcycles and purchased Buell sport motorcycles. Standard police motorcycle training was not available to us due to Buell’s wider turning radius, quicker acceleration and shorter stopping distance. Although the Officers riding the Buell’s had ten years or more riding experience, I felt it necessary that they receive additional training in the area of high speed riding and maneuvers. Ed Bargy’s school meets our needs. The class room training was conducted in a professional and comprehensive manner. The hands on training were excellent. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and eager to give that extra effort in training if you need it. The entire staff was safety conscience to ensure all students were given the safest training possible. I highly recommend this training to all law enforcement motorcycle units. I will continue to send future motor officers to Ed Bargy’s Advanced Motorcycle Racing School. R.D. B. Chief of Police 02/25/1997 

Duluth City Police

 Boy did I learn a lot. Ed's style was fun but effective. His ability to explain how to use the techniques and why was exceptional. His understanding of & ability to explain the elemants of traction was superb 

Margie L.