Ed Bargy
Owner & Operator

Ed Bargy has been involved in every aspect of race track operation since his first time at a race track in 1955 which includes:

  • Winning motorcycle racer such as Regional, National, National Endurance Championships with WERA, CMA and several Canadian and US amateur clubs
  • Winning Hydroplane boat racer
  • Winning Auto & Motorcycle Drag racer
  • Racing team founder “Rochester Road Racers" (1972)
  • Racing and track day promoter
  • Chief of Operations of a major sanctioning body 
  • Owner & founder of the oldest and most comprehensive racing school in the country
  • Racing coach/tutor (1968-present)
  • Builder/tuner
  • Track leasing manager
  • Team Sponsor
  • Race day official
  • Race day officials’ trainer
  • Senior National Race Director (WERA)
  • Tech inspector
  • Safety crew
  • Safety crew trainer
  • Race control
  • Track Security
  • National Race Announcer (WERA)
  • Author (Introduction to Motorcycle Road Racing, The Complete Anthology of Motorcycle Racing Lines, Breaking the Myths and SO… There I was”)
  • National Starter (WERA, AHRMA)
  • Safety consultant (WERA, AHRMA)
  • Track designer

With this vast range of racing experiences plus his training in science, engineering and mechanical technology, allows him to have a great understanding of all the riding techniques and dynamics behind them.   This gives him the ability to clearly teach and explain, in-depth, all the techniques and the science of them to students from a variety of backgrounds.

Track Safety & Design

Because of Ed's vast experience in the racing business as a racer, race official and teacher, he has a valuable and extensive insight to proper track layout. Ed has seen first hand what works and what doesn't in track designs.  Ed was even referred to as "the King of Track Layout" by WERA.  Ed's back ground in Science, Physics and his corporate job title  "Engineer of Metrology" gives him good understanding of the features required to make a track safer.  Over the years Ed has designed, consulted and/or evaluated several tracks such as:

  • Talladega Gran Prix Raceway, Al
  • Jennings GP Raceway, FL
  • Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, CA
  • Desert Center Pro Circuit , CA
  • Arizona Raceway Park, AZ

He has consulted with numerous track owners, managers and event promoters concerning up-grades such as Nashville Super Speedway, Bermuda International Raceway, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Pocono International Speedway, N.O. Problem Raceway, St. Louis International Speedway, and Road Atlanta. In 1983, Ed wrote the book "Features of Race Track Design".