As most people know, I’ve been in this sport for a day or two. I’ve seen myths come & go and then return again, with each new crop of racers. Just recently, I was talking to a fairly new racer about techniques. He made a comment that turned the light on, about how myths get started and become engrained in the vernacular of the sport.  

The newbee stated that “Maybe, back then THEY used a certain riding techniques because of the way the two stroke engine’s power band would perform.” First off, he didn’t realize that when he said “THEY” is that I’m one of the “THEYs” he was talking about. I won a lot of races on those evil two stroke triples of the day. I know why we rode this way or that.

Then it dawned on me. “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Or at least misunderstand it and make a guess.

This would be like the party game, where everyone stands in a line. A secret is whispered into the ear of the first person. This person would then whisper the secret into the ear of the next in line. This would go through the entire line. The last person would then tell the secret out loud. It usually was a lot different than the original secret told to the first person.

The sequence would be like the following.

  • The first newbee would say that “MAYBE this or that.”
  • The listener would then talk with his friends on the same topic. He would say, “Well, POSSIBLY.”
  • Then when this gets passed on to the next guy, the newbee would say “MOST LIKELY” they did this or that.
  • The next time it is passed on it would be “PROBABLY.”
  • And finally, It would be “THEY HAD TO DO THIS BECAUSE ----.”

Now it’s passed down from newbee to newbee as fact.


Unfortunately, this is still happening today.

Ride safe!

Have fun!